DMX Radio Control Receiver / Dimmer 150W



The 12V PWM/DC Remote Control system comprises a mains powered Transmitter, which accepts a DMX512 control signal and battery operated Receiver/Dimmers. Each receiver/dimmer module can provide combinations of Pulse Width Modulated (PWM), DC or relay outputs, and can be configured to operate as one PWM and one DC (separate control), two PWM dimmers (separate control) , or two PWM dimmers (linked control) and one DC, or one DC dimmer. PWM outputs are suitable for use with MR16 lamps or small 12V DC motors, the DC output for Howard Eaton Lighting Ltd standard flicker candle modules.



Compact, rugged enclosure


Selectable 2 PWM, or1 PWM and 1 DC outputs


Total device output is rated at 150W split over PWM1 and PWM2 outputs


Changeover Relay contacts rated 5A at 24VDC


Slave modules available to extend number of dimmers at any location


Operation in licence exempt RF bands


8 user selectable frequencies (RF channels)


Test modes allow system verification without use of DMX source


Signal present /data transmission/system fault diagnostic mimics


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