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Intended for inspection of paper structure and watermarks, the ViewLite is a compact, battery operated Electroluminescent source and control unit. The illumination is evenly distributed over the 100mm x 50mm surface and the source is less than 1mm thick.  A millimetre scale is incorporated along two edges.


The unit is enabled by means of a pushbutton on-off switch on the side of the control box. When switched on, a green light emitting diode (LED) and the source will illuminate.


This unit is designed to maximise the light output, not battery life! Typical continuous operation of 30 minutes with a new battery is to be expected, but is not guaranteed. Use only 9V PP3 batteries intended for high drain applications.  A plug-top power supply is available as an optional extra.


A red LED indicates low battery voltage, however the unit will continue to operate until the battery expires. Only change the battery when the period of illumination is too short. There are no user serviceable parts inside. Under no circumstances should the lamp be disconnected from the control box.


Electroluminescent sources are subject to degradation when subjected to ultra violet light, therefore it is important that the ViewLite is not exposed to strong daylight for extended periods.  If the ViewLite is to be stored for long periods the battery should be removed.


For further information on possible applications visit Dr Ian Christie-Millerís website at: http://www.earlypaper.com



Cool light source


Less than 1mm thick


Evenly distributed illumination  


  Millimetre scale along two edges


 No harmful UV rays emitted  


Battery operated


Optional plug-top power supply available  


Low battery indicator


Patent Applied for - GB0026964.7


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