A4 Viewlight



The ViewLite A4 Light source has been developed for examining materials in order to inspect and possibly record them by photographic means.  It consists of a 12v switch mode power supply (with interchangeable heads allowing use in the UK, Europe and the USA) and a switched inverter attached to an A4 sheet of electroluminescent (EL) film.


The flexible EL sheet, which is only 1mm thick, is placed behind the subject, which may be pages of books/swatches of fabric/botanic samples or items in a Philately collection. The white light emitted contains no harmful UV rays and remains cool even after long periods of use.


Everything is supplied in a lightweight carry case making it the ideal portable viewing system.


For further information on possible applications visit Dr Ian Christie-Millerís website at: www.earlypaper.com




Cool light source


Less than 1mm thick


Evenly distributed illumination  


Full A4 illuminated sheet size  


  Interchangeable adapters for use in the UK, Europe and the USA


12v switch mode power supply


 No harmful UV rays emitted  


 Supplied complete with lightweight carry case  


Patent Applied for - GB0026964.7



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