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For theatres and museums in areas where local authorities do not allow live flames, HELL has a variety of effects, as a solution to this problem.


The “Phantom” flicker candle module creates a realistic flickering candle effect, which is fully dimmable, providing both a flickering flame and glow lamp. A number of modules can be powered from a single power supply, giving absolute control to the user. Modules can be mounted in hand held props or lanterns, which may be battery powered and switchable.


Candle tubes with realistic “wax” drips are made from translucent PVC, allowing the glow lamp to light through the wax like a real candle. Candles are available in 19mm, 24mm, 35mm and 40mm diameters. The candle modules are also available as a non-flickering version, but still giving the authenticity of a real candle.



Local authority friendly -  no live flames


Realistic flickering candle effect


  Realistic “wax” drips


Glow lamp lights through the wax like a real candle


Non-flickering version also available  


Fully dimmable


Available in 19mm, 24mm, 35mm and 40mm tube diameters




Candle Tube Length Cut to Order


Candle Power Supplies to power up to 20 or 40 modules available


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