Flaming Torch (Flambeaux)



Originally designed for Martin Guerre and subsequently used on Jesus Christ Superstar, the HELL flaming torch is lightweight and easy to use.  The steel cage is filled with flamepaste and remains closed until the torch is needed. 


It features an extended dead-manís handle which allows it to be passed safely from hand to hand while lit, and will automatically extinguish itself if dropped.  The torch will burn steadily for between 5 and 7 minutes.  After use the handle is released to shut off the flame and when the torch has cooled sufficiently the residue is easily removed.


This clever effect has been approved for use on the Westend stages by Westminster Council.


Brandmasse A Flamepaste is available from Howard Eaton Lighting Limited.



Approved for use on stage by Westminster Council


  Different lengths available to order


Automatically extinguishes if dropped


Will burn steadily for between 5 and 7 minutes


Successfully used on Martin Guerre, Jesus Christ Superstar & many other Productions


Different lengths available to order


Finish : Black Wood effect (Other  finishes available to order)



 Technical Specification


Length : 500mm, Diameter : 30mm


Weight : 0.9Kg


Burn time between 5 and 7 minutes


Fuel : Brandmasse A Flamepaste (available from HELL)


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