Softcue user manual in PDF form

Softcue is a cue light system, which brings the technology of lighting and sound systems to the theatre’s prompt corner.  Whilst the system can be used in conventional mode using “Standby” and “Go” switches, Softcue has the unique advantage of being a memory system with total recording, playback and fault reporting facilities.

Shows can be recorded via simple key sequences that allow full recording, playback and review for up to 48 cue light outstations and up to six shows. Memory cards provide secure data storage and portability.  An integral clock allows show timing and accurate cue sequencing.

Originally designed as a compact 2U rack-mount system for ease of touring, Softcue is fitted with an auto-sense switched mode power supply, allowing international use.  It is now installed on many West End musicals, and in venues worldwide.


Features include:

Manual Mode emulates conventional systems

Recording of Standby and Go events for up to six shows

Backup storage to memory card

Event numbering 0.1 to 999.9

Immediate Go override

Flashing Standby with provision for acknowledgement

Optional automatic standby acknowledge per cuelight

Event preview

Key-switch access to programming functions

Background illumination of all controls

Clock and stopwatch for show/rehearsal timing

Integral lamp/connection fault detection operates continuously

Menu driven user configuration

Displays in English with provision for two other languages

Simple data edit allows swap or re-patch of outstations

Midi Show Control allows interconnection to other systems

Stage Manager alert facility

Operator alert facility

Cue light hold facility 


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